Avia Insert Counter

The AVIA Insert Counter distinguishes itself from the competition with many new features and capabilities.

  • Up to 8 rows of inserts can be counted, with each row containing up to 250 inserts, allowing for counting boxes of inserts up to 2,000 in number.
  • Uses a very large field of view so there is no cumbersome handling of large boxes using multiple snapshots or multiple cameras as with other systems.
  • Uses a high resolution camera and mega pixel lens package, uniform lighting system & sophisticated visual information processing software that eliminates operator adjustments.
  • No specialized fixtures for large boxes are required.
  • Captures and inspects boxes of inserts up to 12 by 24 inches in size in a single field of view.
  • Since the AVIA Insert Counter uses automated visual location of boxes and automated set up of scanning lines, the operator interface and usage is vastly simplified compared to other systems.
  • Insert counting times are less than 1/2 second.
  • Changeover between jobs requires less than 30 seconds.