Avia Proofreading

The AVIA Computer Automated Proofreading System is a supply chain tool that can be used throughout the enterprise to verify that all product information documents conform to their design in content & quality.

  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant. Validation documentation and customization services available.
  • 36“ by 48“ documents are compared in less than 2 minutes.
  • Compares any combination of electronic files and scanned documents: PDF, PS, EPS files, scanned documents, proofs, bluelines, plates, inserts and labels.
  • All disparities greater than a specified size and contrast are located, marked, ranked and tabulated.
  • AVIA inspects all aspects of a document – text characters as well as graphics, chemical formulae, charts and pictures

  • The system generates HTML and PDF reports for sharing results.

  • Can be configured to communicate via intra- and inter-site networks, and multiple AVIA workstations can share multiple scanners across networks.

    AVIA Automated Visual Information Analysis (11 pages, 2.33 MB)
    AVIA White Paper.pdf (7 pages, 492KB)
    AVIA Proofreading Systems.pdf (2 pages, 1.42 MB)