AVIA Private Eye

AVIA Private Eye is a system for use in investigating
pharmaceutical packages suspected of being counterfeit.

  • Private Eye is an integrated software and hardware system for use by investigators to quickly examine authentic and suspect packages to determine whether the packages are likely counterfeits.
  • True color image export functions with optional image annotation for full resolution image areas, thumbnail images, and difference images. Images can be imported to word processing, presentation, image management, or document generation software.
  • Imports source documents in PDF or scanned form and compares them to each other.
  • Provides a list of all differences with support for annotation fields.
  • Automated document alignment and registration.
  • Differences determined to be significant can be exported to a PDF file for documentation.
  • Detects size differences and distortion between packages. Able to measure package distortions in any direction.
  • Investigational session settings can be stored for archival purposes and can be used to reopen cases for further analysis.
  • Finds differences in text and graphics as well as internal graphical fill variations.