TVT Text Verification

The Text Verification Tool from Schlafender Hase GmbH is a Windows-based software that compares text of a manuscript against artwork, no matter how the artwork is laid out.

  • The program is able to processes PDF, RTF and DOC files. Three main configurations support very large documents (100 and more pages), leaflets, and even packaging material like cartons.
  • The comparison process is very fast and extremely precise. Inconsistencies, missing paragraphs, incorrect flow and order of words, sentences and paragraphs are marked clearly in both documents.
  • Unlike other proofing software, the TVT does not change either original document. The software creates an annotated copy of the compared artwork.
  • Notes, comments, and instructions for corrections can be added directly into the annotated files and extracted automatically. An ordered list is generated for reviewing the inconsistencies. Also, the TVT allows the annotated documents to be printed with the found and marked inconsistencies.
  • The TVT supports nearly any language which is written left to right.