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BLOB - software for vision applications requiring connected binary object recognition, measurement, or location.

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BLOB Application - Tablet Counting - Histogram Display.
Accurate tablet counting is extremely important in pharmaceutical applications to ensure proper dosage to patients and to meet FDA regulations. Human error in tablet counting can lead to improper medication to patients, as well as expose drug companies to litigation and/or regulatory body penalties. The application here shows the use of blob analysis in providing 100% accuracy in counting tablets, as well as providing a capability to detect partial or broken tablets, based on object size.

The superimposed gray level histogram that is displayed here, along with the captured image of tablets to be analyzed, shows the capability of the tablet counting software to automatically find a gray level threshold that will separate the tablets from the background. The valley in the histogram is found by an adaptive algorithm and is used to automatically isolate the tablets. The threshold is indicated by the red vertical bar at 148 on the horizontal gray scale axis. This is the first step in the process.

BLOB thumbnail 2 BLOB Application - Tablet Counting.
The second step is the isolation of tablets that are within the correct size (area) tolerance. Objects that are within this tolerance are shown with a red bounding box. In this example, 19 tablets that are within size range are shown. The two portions of the broken tablet are not included in this count.

BLOB thumbnail 3 BLOB Application - Tablet Counting - Statistics Display.
The third step in the process is the size distribution chart, which can be used as a further quality assurance tool for process control and evaluation. The partial tablets can be detected automatically by a report of the improperly sized objects. This information is available from the blob analysis.

Mouse or keyboard driven
Processes multiple binary objects
Returns statistics including enclosed rectangle, area, centroid,
  major and minor moments of inertia, and angle of major axis.
Provides shape & orientation information.
Enables object counting.
Variable resolution coarseness.

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