Optical Character Recognition
& Optical Character Verification
OCR & OCV - integrated software/hardware packages using a PC-based system - OCR provides trainable font learning of characters for subsequent character reading and recognition; OCV provides interactive learning of character strings for verification.

OCV thumbnail 1 OCV Application - LED Display Panel - Character Teaching.
OCV - Optical Character Verification is a process that is used to confirm that characters that are printed on labels, or characters that are displayed (e.g. on an LCD panel or LED panel), are within a tolerance that guarantees that they are readable by humans. OCV is critical in applications such as pharmaceutical labeling or display manufacturers for cell phone, watch, or automotive panel display quality control. This example shows eight characters on an LCD display panel being taught to an OCV verification system. The numerals 1 to 8 are taught. The blue rectangle encompasses the entire character string and is used to automatically locate the character string. The green rectangles show where each numeral has been individually taught to the OCV system. These patterns and templates may be stored on disk for later recall for processing the string. After the characters have been taught to the system, new images are captured as each new LCD panel is presented for OCV confirmation.

OCV thumbnail 2 OCV Application - LED Display Panel - Verification Results.
This image shows a subsequent LCD panel under test, where the sixth character in the string is displayed incorrectly. Where a "6" was taught to the system, a "5" has been displayed due to an error in the test program, or an error in the panel's manufacturing. The error has been detected automatically as show by the quality score being too low for acceptance, and has been marked on the image by a red rectangle and cross-out. The OCV system is able to verify a character in approximately 5 to 7 milliseconds.

Presented with good sample characters, learns the character
  patterns for use in reading mode (OCR) or verification mode
In recognition mode (OCR) or verification mode (OCV), searches
  specified areas.
Upon location of a character, returns the quality of the found
  character string.
Teach and Verify functions are C callable routines.
OCR allows any subset of the trained font to be specified for
  searching and allows numeric, alphabetic, or alphanumeric
  combinations; character size from 16x16 to 128x128 pixels; any
  language character, symbol, logo, or gray scale pattern may be
  used as a character.
OCV can process up to three string areas of interest per image,
  with each string a maximum of 60 characters; three independent
  string windows permit floating positions among the windows to
  be processed.

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